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Trial Class

Trial Class

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0.5 Hours
This is the perfect way to meet your teacher so we can understand your language level and plan the perfect English course for you. What to expect? A relaxing and friendly conversation centered on you. Prepare yourself to answer questions like, "Why do you want to learn English?", "What are your goals?", "How do you currently study English?". Browse the teacher profiles and choose who you would like to begin this language journey with. When you reserve your 30 minute conversation, your teacher will confirm or modify the date and you receive an email notification. Good luck and welcome to the Community!

Step 1: Scegli l’insegnante

  • Teacher
    CELTA Qualified 🇬🇧Specialised in Cambridge & Conversation
  • Teacher
    British-Greek 🇬🇧 TEFL Qualified Specialised in Cambridge & Conversation
  • Teacher
    British-Italian 🇬🇧 CELTA Qualified Specialised in Cambridge Preparation
  • Teacher
    British-Italian 🇬🇧 CELTA Qualified Specialised in Cambridge and YL
  • Teacher
    Irish 🇮🇪 CELTA Certified Teacher & Professional writer Specialised in YL and Conversation
  • Teacher
    Academic Coordinator American 🇺🇸 CELTA/CELTYL qualified 10 years experience Specialised in Cambridge examinations, YLs & Teacher Training

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