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Talking Together Course

Talking Together Course

From: € 330
10.0 Hours
This English language course is for 2 students and consists of 10 hours of online ESL with your personal tutor. We always recommend 1.5 hour classes, twice a week. Choose separate days so you have time process, review and practice before your next English class.

Step 1: Scegli l’insegnante

  • Teacher
    British 🇬🇧 CELTA & CELTYL Qualified Specialised in Business & Financial English
  • Teacher
    Australian 🇦🇺 TEFL Qualified Specialised in YL
  • Teacher
    CELTA Qualified 🇬🇧Specialised in Cambridge & Conversation
  • Teacher
    British-Greek 🇬🇧 TEFL Qualified Specialised in Cambridge & Conversation
  • Teacher
    British-Italian 🇬🇧 CELTA Qualified Specialised in Cambridge Preparation
  • Teacher
    CELTA Qualified Teacher Conversation & General English

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