General Spanish

General Spanish

A personalised and practical approach to the second most spoken language on the planet.
From: € 230
10.0 Hours


This course is designed to provide relevant terminology and practical elements at all levels, from beginner to proficiency. Using our 360 Methodology, will help you apply it to real circumstances.

Who is it for?

For anyone who needs practical, conversational Spanish for general communication or travel. The course content also contributes to official exam preparation. Using your personal calendar, you can reserve lesson times according to when it suits you best. 


No matter which level you are at, each class is carefully tailored to your needs and is based on conversation, so you will be speaking Spanish all the time, every lesson. Each class will have a specific focus in terms of topic and linguistic objective. 


By the end of the course you will feel a huge increase in your confidence to communicate in Spanish, in a range of contexts. 
You also have the choice of preparing for an examination should you wish to, however this is not compulsory. 

Course Benefits

  • 10 hours of on-demand practical training
  • Qualified, native teacher
  • Immersive experience - Lessons exclusively in Spanish 
  • Recorded sessions for playback
  • Networking Opportunities and events
  • British Community Certificate of Attendance
  • Access to private student group 
  • Access to the Culture Club - monthly online conversation meetings
  • Transparent pricing - No registration fees or teaching materials

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