Terms and Conditions

By reserving a class or package of classes via britishcommunity.it, you agree to the following terms:

Purchasing Lessons

All payments via britishcommunity.it are conducted via the secure third-party “Stripe” or similar.

Scheduling a lesson

Once a student chooses their type of lesson, selects the teacher, date and time and makes the payment, a request is sent to the teacher. The teacher will have the option to Accept or Reschedule the proposal. Only once the teacher has accepted a proposed class will the class be confirmed. If a teacher reschedules, the student will receive a notification via email which will require logging in to reschedule the class.

No Refunds on Authorized Payments

Authorized payments are final. No refunds will be given classes purchased.

Transfer of lessons

Lessons can be transferred to another student if both parties agree. A transaction fee equal to 5% of the remaining cost of classes will be charged.

Third Party Payment Method Fees

When purchasing lessons, there may be fees that are charged to a Student by the third party payment provider or the Student's bank. These fees are not under British Community’s control, and therefore disclaims all liability in this regard. Whatever Payment Method you use may be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by the applicable third-party payment provider. It is up to the user to review the terms and conditions before using a third party payment method.

Canceled Lesson Requests

If a Lesson Request is canceled by the Student, declined by the teacher, or expires (not confirmed by the Teacher within the request period).

Lesson Expiration

All lessons and packages have an expiration of 5 months from the date of purchase. Should lessons not be redeemed within this period, they will be lost.

Problem with Lesson or Teachers, Online or at Home.

In the event there is a problem with a lesson that leads to a failure of completion,, there are two phases to resolve the dispute.

Phase 1: Member Resolution – The Student and Teacher should email services@britishcommunity.it stating:

a) The nature of the issue

b) Attachments with supporting evidence (screenshots, screen recordings etc)

c) Wait for a reply from an administrator with a verdict. You will either be able to reschedule your class free of charge or lose the class and consequently need to book another lesson.

Lesson Packages

Class packages are valid for 5 months. It is the student’s responsibility to book all classes purchased within the package. Some courses may require a minimum number of hours per week and this can be read in the lesson description in the ‘Course’ website section.

A course package may not be refunded nor substituted for another package. In that case that a student wishes to change their study pathway, they will need to complete their current package or transfer it to a third party, and purchase a new package.

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Ilary D

British-Italian 🇬🇧 TEFL Qualified Specialised in Cambridge & IELTS


Naomi S

British 🇬🇧 TEFL Qualified Specialised in Cambridge Preparation


Tania M

Australian 🇦🇺 TEFL Qualified Specialised in YL


Regina M

Specialised in Cambridge preparation and Young Learners.


Michelle D

CELTA Qualified 🇬🇧Specialised in Cambridge & Conversation


Emer M

Irish 🇮🇪 Professional writer Specialised in YL and Conversation


Steve P

British 🇬🇧 CELTA & CELTYL Qualified Specialised in Business & Financial English

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