The CEO’s Quarantine Routine

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Updated: 12/05/2020

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A CEO needs to be well organised and constantly thinking ahead. We have heard stories of great leaders and high achievers rising at the crack of dawn and beginning work before the sun comes up. But is this is the same even during quarantine? Does your daily schedule change because you no longer have to get to the gym early or fight the commuting traffic?

The routine that I am sharing with you here started before the quarantine but has certainly become optimised for the current period; to create a sense of calm, clarity and motivation. I hope it can lend some insight but I also encourage feedback and anything that works for you that I may  also be able incorporate into my day.

CEO (Quarantine) Routine

5 A.M - Wake up and immediately complete a 15 min HIIT exercise

5.30  - Meditation

5.45 - 20 minute study

6.00 - 30 mins for personal tasks

6.30 - Prepare To Do list for the day

7.00 - 7.30 - Family

12.00 - Work. Complete most important tasks of the day

12.00 - Go to the terrace to get sun & fresh air

12.30 - Break-fast with a superfood smoothie.

13.00 - 13.30   Lunch

13.30 - Read

13.45 - Nap

14.15 - 19.30/20.00  Restart work + teaching

19.30/20.00 - Yoga

20.00 - Dinner

20.30 - Family

21.30 - Read

22.00 - Sleep

I am constantly looking to optimise my time and enhance my work. A combination of meditation, yoga and intermittent fasting have all helped me tremendously to achieve this. Focus, quicker decisions and ultimately and finding calm in a time of extreme crisis and uncertainty are some of the positive by-products.

If I watch television, it will be for a limited time in the evening and will be something light and enjoyable, allocating all my intellectual energy to the morning. Another incredibly important aspect that is key, is nutrition. Making sure you are nourishing yourself correctly will support all types of progress.

This routine isn’t set in stone. I’m sure there will be many things that don’t suit you so please adjust it to your requirements. This is what is currently working for me and the framework has been adopted from Robin Sharma’s “5AM Club”, an easy and pleasurable read I highly recommend for any CEO who is trying to manage stress and find the right work-life balance.

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