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Updated: 22/08/2020

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Advanced speakers of English have higher chances of higher paid work.
Millions of us have changed our lives in response to COVID-19. Most of us have had to stay at home. Certain habits will change forever as ways of working and socialising adapt to the challenges of the moment. This is a fantastic opportunity for personal transformation. 
 One thing is for sure, skills such as speaking English as a second language (ESL) and being able to connect globally from our living rooms has never been more useful. So how can this experience serve each of us individually? The answer is simple: we have more ways of giving the best of ourselves back to the world; more ways of finding the job we dreamed of.

 Here are a few tips from the British Community team on how use your second language to bag that dream job.

Expand your life and make new connections. At times like these, they will inevitably be online but joining groups and meet-ups where people share your interests will start to take you where you want to go. There doesn’t have to be an ‘end goal’ to each new person you meet – just enjoy the shared experience.

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Build your skills
This doesn’t have to be rigorous old-school grammar practice. Skill-building begins with simply being aware of what you could learn.  Once you are aware of what you don’t know, you are able to set goals and choose challenges to tick off. The more you treat skill-building as a game and not a chore, the faster you will improve. British Community are experts on how to learn fast and keep a smile on your face.

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Distinguish yourself
If you are interested in painting and sky-diving as well as being a lawyer or a sales manager, that is amazing! Use English to explore those areas. Find out new ways of talking about your passion. Watch those English films that you always promised yourself you would watch. Use English to discover more about what you love.  If you are looking for your dream job, learn its language and communication. Use your passion to distinguish yourself.

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Reading about new topics can be extremely stimulating while improving your English

Own your language journey
Be honest with yourself about what you are capable of now, and where you want to be in three or six months’ time. It is very easy to dampen our enthusiasm for language learning by suddenly feeling out of our depth and trying to ‘fudge’ the things we don’t know. It is OK not to know! When the time comes, set the goal, whether it is an IELTS exam or an interview – and go for it.

• … So, believe in yourself
It takes commitment, time and energy to master anything new, and a language is no different. But fear and doubt should be used as motivation. Use them positively, find your tribe, community and forza! Your dream job might be far closer than you think.

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