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Updated: 12/01/2021

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A CEO needs to be well organised and constantly thinking ahead. We have heard stories of great leaders and high achievers rising at the crack of dawn, 4 or 5am, to begin work before the sun comes up, but what are the benefits of this seemingly extreme measure? Surely there must be many?

The routine that I am sharing with you here started before the quarantine and has been optimised for the current period; to create a sense of calm, clarity and motivation. I hope it can lend some insight and before you discard it having seen the start time, read the end of the article for the results that I found after 1 year.

Ultimate Leader Routine

04.50 A.M - Wake up using wake up light

5.15  - Meditation

5.30 - Study & Review

6.00 - 15 mins reading + journaling / reflection

6.30 - 15 mins HIIT workout

7.00 - 7.30 - Family / Prepare To Do list for the day

08.03 - Work. Complete most important tasks of the day first

12.00 - Take sunlight break

14.00 -  Lunch

13.30 - 17.00/19.00 Work

19.00 - Walk

20.00 - Dinner

20.30 - Netflix

21.30 - Read

22.00 - Sleep

I created this routine based on the leadership work by Robin Sharma, adapted from his bestselling novel The 5am Club and tested the routine (almost) every day from February 2020 until January 2021 (present day). I have found that my productivity and energy levels are 5X higher, I am more focused, emotionally balanced and positive. I am actually less tired than before when I would rise at 8am and no longer need to take afternoon power naps.
I am literally seeing more goals achieved and tangible results in my work and relationships - it's truly remarkable.

I am constantly looking to optimise my time and enhance my work. Adopting a combination of meditation, yoga and intermittent fasting have all helped me tremendously with this program. Focus, quicker decisions and ultimately finding calm in a time of extreme crisis and uncertainty are some of the positive by-products.

This routine isn’t set in stone. I’m sure there will be many things that don’t suit you so please adjust it to your requirements. This is what is currently working for me and the framework has been adopted from Robin Sharma’s “5AM Club”, an easy and pleasurable read I highly recommend for any CEO who is trying to manage stress and find the right work-life balance.

Try it for 30 days and witness the difference for yourself before discarding it.

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This best seller is an easy and pleasurable read

Written by Steve Pigeon
ESL Teacher for 13 years
British Community Founder
Creator of 3 published training courses
Author of Communication Mastery & Career Mapping
British Community Founder, Steve Pigeon

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